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Nora Pero is the owner and force behind iamcr8ive. "I adore seed beads and polymer clay! I love facilitating others in their beading addictions. I have several beginner to intermediate level tutorials, as well as polymer components that can be used with beads to make jewelry and other decorative items.In addition, I have produced a fantastic tool for beaders- my Bead Wells! They keep your beads contained and under control on your bead mat. They come in a variety of sizes, making them useful for all sizes of beads."

Ruphia Peché is a polymer clay artist. "I've been working with polymer clay since '96. I started out making cute little animals. In 2000 I joined a polymer clay guild and eventually added jewelry to my craft table.

Esther Guajardo is the owner and creative force behind Manosmias.

CEH Creations was started in 2007 by Christine Hartsock. 

All pieces are hand woven, using traditional bead weaving methods but with non-traditional materials.  Glass, metal, gemstone and hardware components are woven to create unique jewelry.

My name is Anita Centeno.  I call my art addictions Divine Designs.  My sister Celine Thomasson is responsible for my 'beadaholic' ways.  Although I consider myself primarily a fiber artist (I am currently on the Board for the Fiber Artists of San Antonio) and mixed-media artist, it is working with beads that is the MOST addictive. I do epoxy resin charm jewelry (combined with beads of course!)  My exploration with creating resin charms has evolved over the years.  At first I would use old postage stamps and found papers to embed in resin, then I started using my own hand-painted paper to embed in resin.  

Celine Casillas Thomasson: I delight in creating free spirited, bohemian jewelry designs with leather, beads and charms. I've been doing beadwork for about 25 years. After taking a class in Santa Fe, New Mexico my understanding of leather totally changed and I'm continually exploring this versatile medium.

Modern Artifacts was born from my experiences working on archaeology digs and in museum basements, creating handmade jewelry that blends ancient and ethnic silhouettes with contemporary design.  Growing up seeing the world with a pilot for a father and my love of studying other cultures/anthropology, mixed with a personal exploration of the concept of maximal/minimalism, all distill down to form my unique globally inspired Neo-Bohemian aesthetic - creating something fresh, yet nostalgic for the modern urban nomad.

My name is Laura Zeiner and I have been beading for about eleven years. I have a passion for beading with uncommon objects. I am crazy about teaching and I'm known for creating detailed tutorials that are easy for even beginners to follow. 


I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, John, a calico cat named MilliBob and Ginger, my spoiled-rotten sheltie. In my "spare time", I train for triathlons.

Cosmic Crafts Creations

Bead work, and wire wrapping are just mere aspects of stone polishing and metal smithing. 
May the pathways of wealth flood into my life.

As the days grow longer, the nights seemingly vibrant I find my self shifting patterns not only in my crafting and jewelry making making skills but also a return to balanced harmonics.
An inner peace I feel is alluring or attracting even to armadillos and bunnies. 
With a diet that has become sustainable I ask myself what else may I improve. How close am I to being the one I am destined to be. Being a jeweler is a mere facet of what I do. While I have such prolific skills in crafts I shall incorporate more of my sewing ideas and designs. Time will only tell how this comes about, and so it is and so mote it be.

The name of my shop, Shieldmaiden Designs, itself came from a story that has shaped me. When I launched my shop in 2015, I chose it based on my love of the character Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, from The Lord of the Rings. The need to create and design items of beauty was my way of breaking free from the Shieldmaiden’s fear of living in a cage and contributing nothing to the world. For, as Eowyn discovers in the books, combating the darkness of the world is not restricted to battlefield actions but can also be fought by healing and bringing beauty into the world. To that end, I use my hand (literally just one since I was born missing my lower left arm) to create. From fabricating and soldering jewelry, to carving designs in wax and casting them in metal, to shaping and polishing stones, I involve myself in every step of the jewelry making process.

Eby Geebies

Gina's story:


Gina Eby is 1/2 Cherokee and 100% American.  She has been an artist all of her life. She loves to create things. Her husband Joe, is the silversmith, he makes the amazing southwestern styled jewelry, the rest of the art is hers.

Joe's story:

Joe Eby is an Anglo silversmith whos work is reminiscent of the Navajo Jewelery being made about 100 years ago. His training started in a highschool class in Gallup, NM. As the years went on Joe worked in the Jewelery supply business which allowed him to meet many native silversmiths and exchange ideas and methods of smithing. 

In the spring of 2015 the Eby's made a big move literally and geographically to the Texas Hill Country where they made Jewelry their full time jobs. The Ebygeebies hallmark is a spider with an "E" in the abdomen, this stamp identifies their jewelry, and can be found somewhere on most every piece. 

Mary Newton lives in Austin, TX, and has this to share: I love wire, metal, beads and found objects. I am always trying to learn something new and love to teach, too. I love making jewelry but I also dabble in sewing, painting, collage or whatever interests me.

Marla Ripps is an artist who works with glass, fire and metal to handcraft her jewelry. 

Per her website, "Expressing my love of Jesus, God and the beauty of His creation through glass, metal and fire."

Elizabeth "Jenny" Himes will be bringing her handcrafted chainmaille and wire jewelry to the show. She is an instructor at one of the local bead shops and teaches many designs including some by Marilyn Gardiner.

Jean Ann Reeves is an award-winning jewelry design artist residing in San Antonio, TX. She has been beading most of her life, beginning with stringing buttons from her mother's button box. She still has the box and a few treasured strands of the carefully strung buttons. Now, Jean Ann creates and teaches others how to make beatiful art to wear. Her work is represented in several art centers across Texas and she has taught jewelry making classes in cities such as San Antonio, Rockport, Port Aransas, Corpus Christie and Tuscon, AZ. Her jewelry has been featured in Art Jewelry magazine, Bead and Button magazine and Bead and Button's Creative Beading, Volume 6.

Marge Kong from Beading House will be joining us with many different types of beads, findings, and tools.

Rhonda Cox will be bringing a  designer  interchangeable  jewelry line called 'Snap Your Jewels'. This line of jewelry has earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The options for design are endless! 

Diane Whiting, one of the original CREATE YOUR STYLE Ambassadors, discovered Swarovski Elements in 2001 and began her beading career by entering the first CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski Elements Design Competition. "I’m exited about my newest designs; using embroidery and bead weaving techniques on filigree pieces. I think the possibilities here will never end!”

Nina "Sam" Hibler is a native Texan living in San Antonio. She is a full time artist working in glass. Sam shares her love of fire and glass by teaching flameworking at her studio in San Antonio Dream Fire Glass, Southwest  School of Art in San Antonio and in venues across the United States.

Movement, color and depth are important elements in all of her work. Glass is the perfect medium for Sam.
Flameworking glass allows her to incorporate intricate, fluid details into her work.
Working with glass she is able to capture movement and freeze it with the torch.

fLuxe Jewelry is a line made from hand-sawing pieces from copper sheet metal & then finishing with enameling and/or oxidation. To create the unique patinas, Kristen gets to be a mad scientist of sorts. She hand mixes the chemicals & then applies them to add color to the metal. The enameling process is done by layering glass powder on the copper & fusing it to the metal by firing it in a kiln. Kristen Kramlich has been creating jewelry since 2009.

Valerie Larson-Lohr

Each piece is unique and produced by the artists, Valerie Larson-Lohr and Leah Stephen. Together they combine their  perspectives of art to produce one of a kind stained-glass mosaic table tops, jewelry, functional glassware and pieces of art.  Valerie will be offering her jewelry and beads for sale at the bazaar. Please visit our online store to see available products.

Susan Hughes will be bringing us hand-crafted jewelry of wire and stone.

My name is Susan Butler, and I handcraft lampwork or flamework, glass jewelry and beads for you. I embellish my work with high quality crystals and silver, in most cases, weaving it all together with fibers into a wearable piece of art!I make colorful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using both flamework and fused glass methods. I specialize in handmade glass flowers, circles, spirals, and other unexpected shapes. Be prepared to be noticed when you are wearing my pieces!


We currently visit these areas: Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, New Orleans, San Antonio, Santa Fe, and Tucson If you live in one of these areas we can add you to our list. We send reminder post cards to customers in the areas where we do our shows. Visit our show calendar to see if we have an upcoming show in your area. We'll send you a card or an email to let you know where we'll be. We never share your personal information with anyone.

The Steinhagen Metalsmiths are sisters Denise and Diane who work with precious metals (sterling and gold) and gemstones. 

Jodi Wheeler is an artist making glass lampwork beads. She does this using propane and an oxygen torch.

Jacqueline Stensrud working on one of her glass beads in her workshop in Comfort, TX.

Her lampwork beads are used in making jewelry along with other techniques such as wire work.

Sally Wade has been traveling to juried fine art shows from Arizona to Virginia Beach, VA and Minnesota to Florida for twelve years. Her award winning pieces include two Best of Show Awards and were shown in up to 25 fine art shows per year.

All designs are hammered into sterling silver sheet using steel tools. She grinds specific tips onto these tools which creates her unique look.


All her pieces are fabricated by hand in her jewelry studio near Tyler, TX where she lives with her husband, Leigh, one dog, and two horses.