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Meet the board 

Board of Directors & Chairs

Name: Jayne Heath

Role(s): President

Voting Member


Name: Esther Garza

Role(s): Vice-President

Voting Member

Name: Jeanine Hansard

Role(s): Secretary, Social Media & Communications 

Voting Member​

Name: Peggy Baxter

Role(s): Member at Large #1

Voting Member

Name: Jere Porter   

Role(s): Membership

Voting Member

Name: Lauri Eaton

Role(s): Bazaar 

Voting Member


Name: Joan McCord

Role(s): Treasurer

Voting Member


Name: Nancy Teply

Role(s): Member at Large #2

Voting Member

Name: Sue Charette-Hood  

Role(s): Past-President, Social Media & Communications

Voting Member




Role(s): Librarian

Non-voting Member

Name: Isabel Gonzales

Role(s): Wear your Wares,

Bead Jar

Non-voting member

Name: Laurie Gist

Role(s): Philanthropic,  Library Host 

Non-voting member


Role(s): Past President, Parlimentarian

Non-voting member

Name:Jill Trevino

Role(s): Vendor Tables

Non-voting member

Name: Ruthann Kaswell

Role(s): Raffle, Door Prizes

Non-voting member